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Volunteering and Leadership Training

An initiative of LDD KAJ

What is VOLT?

VOLT (Volunteering and Leadership Training) is a 3-week program designed to facilitate socially responsible and concerned students to find and offer solutions to Jakarta’s sprawling social problems.

There are 6 different subjects for you to learn and experience, ranging from poverty, environmental protection, and tolerance. You will also develop your leadership skills during the sessions, through group discussions and field visits.

What will you get from VOLT

Social Analysis Skills

Future leaders doesn't memorize. They see, they judge, and they act on the given data. In VOLT, we will teach you how these important steps.


You will have access to a wide networking opportunities, from your mentors to your peers. A good way to make friends!


Certificate of Appreciation will be given to participants who completed the program

What will you learn from VOLT


Poverty has been a problem for major cities for a very long time, including Jakarta. During this course, you will learn about the causes of poverty and how we can help to put it to an end.

Human Rights and Access to Justice

This topic covers human rights from a social and judicial scope. You will learn about what is human rights, its challenges, and what can be done to protect such rights.

Environmental Protection

In tropical countries such as Indonesia, environmental protection has always been a constant issue. You will learn about how we can solve environmental challenges.

How To Apply?

You must fulfill one of these criteria:

  • Senior or Junior High School students (or equivalent)
  • Recent graduate of Senior High School (graduated in 2021)

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